Pisces march 2020 astrology kelley rosano

I can now just let go and allow the love surrounding me lead the way….. Just wonderfully amazing to read..

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Many thanks. She is now being induced so it might be born during the actual eclipse Sydney Australia time after 6pm.

October 16 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

What an day! I will create a ceremony to honor this new beginning and I am open to love, and peace for all, especially my children and grandchildren. May each one receive all the blessings the Universe has for each of us. Wow, so excited. So excited. I feel it all coming together. This is incredible!

While a little different, they each speak to me in profound ways. Madey mohamed ibrahim says:. Well spoken! It looks like most posts are done by ladies. There are men out there who agree and can see the beauty in these words. May you all find your true path in this life.

December, 12222 monthly horoscope for Pisces

My spiritual understanding is that on I enjoy your thoughts and ideas and am looking forward to reading the rest of this website. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you for speaking to my heart, this is exactly what I needed to hear. I agree that its gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow no matter what. First it was the pentagram, them the supermoons, then the mini moon, now this.

If so, what does that say about our hyper-inflated expectations, not to mention our arrogance levels — its not good enough if its just another day on Earth? As a pagan, I see every equinox and solstice as a special, once in a lifetime event. Best ever! New and improved! That is a change that will never be brought about by any astronomical aligned I am afraid, but only through a conscious force of will. Spring is here!

Astrological Events – Kelley Rosano

Skywater says:. Katherine says:. Its a love revolution! Feel the transformational and sweet energies you all elucidate so beautifully. The Great Turning! All we can all say is wow, because it is the truth. The undeniable beautiful truth we all want to achieve and we can all do it ….. I was wondering why I feel so charged…and excited. Unsual at this hour, midnight. I teach high school in the mornings, must sleep. I accidently came to this site. How wonderful, powerful and on point. The purity of the messages and words written have made my heart sing.

I teach geosytems and chemisty. Sarah Somewhere says:.

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Thank you so much for your insights and for your service to our collective consciousness. Pretty awesome!!! I am definitely in the right place at the right time. Letting go of what was and welcoming the coming freedom with great passion.

Creating the vision of my new ministry, helping women who are struggling with the loss of their mother, a very tender niche in life. I am so blessed and so grateful to be doing this sacred work. Cocopops1 says:. Tania says:. Very exciting times! So much of this post resonates with how I have been feeling today already. Thank you for taking the trouble to put it all together.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. I am so happy for these new beginnings!

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Ready to take it all in. Thank you for these beautiful words and insights that read like poetry… I am so looking forward to new chapters in my life… I am filled with more peace, hope and happiness than ever before…these words are very inspiring indeed… Thank you and may we all be blessed with the wisdom to truly live and appreciate what we already have….

David says:. Yep I helped many animals, and am pretty much broke now, but I have faith! Life is not just about me anymore- its time to help the collective. Thank you with all my heart! Whether we are aware or not, we are all a Pisces at heart. Are we a butterfly or a caterpillar?

We are both. Are we physical or spiritual? Are we aware or asleep? We are both, moving from one state to the other. One cannot be separated from the other, though in one state we seem to be, because separation is the other side of unity. We can discuss our spiritual path as the uncertainty it can seem to be though nothing ever interrupts the inevitable process we are.

All contributes to the experience that is the process of Life discovering Itself through the experience we are.

For those in the cycle of awakening, we have these beautiful expressions of the All sharing their light for the rest of us to follow, for we are in the position now to see that light. With awareness and gratitude, blessings from the All. Tiger Windwalker says:. I have felt the against for some time now, just knowing something big was about to happen soon!

Feels Like Home! Be Love! Thel says:. Marea says:. Thank you, thank you, thank you — to everybody quoted on this site, to all the people who made such wonderful, inspiring and uplifting comments! From a personal perspective, I have seen major, long-awaited improvements developing in my life recently. I believe that my own epiphany and renaissance will help me to help others, and that this force of good is being resonated throughout humanity. Thank you, so beautiful to be part of the quantum change, the dynamic whole that is each with all that is and can become….

I am ready to move forward. Everything that I do not want to be and everything I want to be was already made in the past. Looking forward to the future for a path without fear and anger. Looking forward to be whom I like to be. Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the tears, thank you for the laughs. I am here. I am ready. I Love you. Mary says:. What a day to celebrate and see the truth. Darlin E. Cervantes says:. Kasey says:. What powerful words!