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For all its long-term resilience, Capricorn can be very impatient with short-term irritations and frustrations. As the cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is prone to strong physical attractions to others. It is at home in the material world, frequently possessing craft and cookery skills, and enjoying fabrics and food immensely.

Capricorn rules the knees , bones , joints , teeth and nails. Aquarius connects spiritually with all of humanity, acknowledges no superiors and inferiors, championing equality, and is capable of radiating through this psychic attunement the highest forms of good will towards every being, but also of receiving disturbing precognitions and revealing insights into the inner psyche of other individuals. Because of its vibrational sensitivity, Aquarius demands plenty of space, and suffers from being cramped, made demands of or restricted in any sense.

By its essential nature, it prefers to relate collectively to a group rather than individually; and its tendency to analyse can sometimes pose a barrier to intimacy. Sometimes it harbours ideals of social reform and seeks to have them implemented by promoting them within like-minded campaign groups. Mentally, Aquarius is original and visionary, as well as being objective and analytical.

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Although it is also concerned with more abstract ideals and artistic innovations, Aquarius is most strongly associated with scientific discovery and the germination of new ideas that have a distinctly practical application or social value; and it is often attracted to new technology and to the creative moulding of matter, with applications ranging from home improvements and architectural vision to body art and abstract sculpture.

The Aquarian mind is fast, and is inclined to make decisions suddenly on the intuition of the moment, but then keeps to them rigidly, and can come to seem set in its ways and conservative about certain issues, although prior to arriving at such determinations it is open-minded towards almost everything, and it has a fascination for what stands out as obscure or unusual in its own culture and era, which may include ancient history, early music and all forms of esotericism. Like Capricorn, Aquarius generally works steadily and hard and is moderately ambitious for career success, along lines of work that are socially meaningful or exercise its particular practical skills.

But it will never foresake its principles of equality in serving its own personal ambitions.

Decans | Astrology Explained

Occasionally Aquarius detaches itself so far from the norms of society as to be perceived as an eccentric, rebel or outcast. But the sign generally enjoys a good measure of unpressured social involvement albeit without having to compromise its own particular style or suffer the bonds of heavy commitment. Aquarius rules the aura , the ankles and the circulatory system.

The glyph has also been interpreted as a pair of crescent Moons, highlighting the lunar qualities of impressionability and imagination for which Pisces is known. Sometimes charged with escapism, self-deception or fantasy, Pisces is generally simply perceiving and exploring deeper realms of sensibility, consciousness, possibility and creativity than many are willing to countenance. Like Aquarius, Pisces is frequently psychic, and highly intuitive. Pisces is one of the most creative and artistic of all the signs, attractions to dancing, music, poetry, drama and painting being common among those in whose nativities it is strongly marked.

It is also a deeply spiritually motivated sign for which material ambition is not typically a primary goal.

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Yet, being sensitive to negative feedback, it does not always wish to draw too much attention to its inward differences with the rest of humanity in everyday life, and can sometimes seem to repress its own nature in striving to mould itself outwardly into the norms of the social and economic environment. The Piscean mind is deeply attuned to the unconscious, yet in addition to being open to realisations unfathomable to most signs, and naturally skilled in philosophical and religious contemplation, it can be very orderly, numerate and scientifically adept.

Pisces is at times shy of personal emotional involvement because it is so impressionable and finely tuned that it can easily be hurt or have its sensitivity overwhelmed by others bringing their energies too close. But it is a very empathetic sign, and has the potential to share love and sympathy on many levels.

Pisces rules the astral body and feet. The twelve signs have been traditionally subdivided into decanates or decans , each of ten degrees. Tropical astrology copied this practice from ancient sidereal astrology, which accorded rulership of one third of each constellation to the most prominent star in it.

What Are Decans?

There are two principal conventions:. The most common in use today involves the attribution of a secondary sign influence from the same sign triplicity or element to each decanate of each sign. By this system, the first decanate is considered the pure or physical form of the sign; and planets posited therein should be interpreted with reference to their aspects to Mars in the nativity. The second decanate takes a secondary influence from the next sign of the same element after it in the zodiac, and is considered the mental form of the sign, any planet posited therein being interpreted with reference to its aspect to Mercury in the figure.

The third decanate takes a secondary influence from the previous sign of the same element, and is considered the spiritual form of the sign, any planet posited therein being interpreted with reference to its aspects to Jupiter and Saturn in the figure, pinpointing how the spiritual will manifest Jupiter and where it will be tested Saturn. Thus, the decanates takes on this pattern of colorations:. Degree 10 represents new pursuits and degree 19 represents the peak of mental activity.

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When many planets or in this decanate, the native would be spiritually inclined. Some might have problems like addiction and self-destruction.

The Decans in Astrology

Degree 29 relates to the spritual peak. The 30 degrees alloted for each zodiac house can be divided into three groups of ten degrees each as 0 to 9 deg, 10 to 19 deg and 20 to 29 deg. These divisions are termed as Decanates. The first ten degrees are called as the First Decanate, the second ten as the second Decanate and the third ten degrees are the Third Decanate.

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